Oh deer, deer, deer!

Yesterday morning we had some unusual visitors… some very cute visitors who I’ve never seen in the garden before. OK, they aren’t rare (in the countryside) but they are rare in my semi-urban Corfe Mullen garden!

Roe Deer in the Garden

I’ve named this little one Bambi – can’t think why!

Every morning the first thing I do is check the overnight footage from my garden camera. I check the footage while keeping the camera preview screen running in the top left corner of my monitor (that way I get to see the early birds as they visit the bird bath). Yesterday I’d just started doing this when a long pair of fury legs walked past the camera.

“Now, either the foxes have grown longer legs or that was … a deer” I thought.  I shot into the spare bedroom and looked out the window and there, happily munching on our camelias and mossy grass, were three roe deer. Mum, youngster (year old?) and this years fawn.

The Three Musketeers Hiding in the Trees!

The three adventurers – hiding under the witchhazel

For the next three-quarters of an hour these three intrepid adventurers decided to do a complete tour of the garden, which included happily walking across the patio and right past the kitchen window where Andrew was noisily making breakfast, checking out our cars and nosing in the greenhouse.

They tried most of the plants. A bit of laurel, some witchhazel, a few mouthfuls of heather, a bit of grass, old fallen apples, the odd camelia leaf. Nothing was left untouched or un-sniffed. I’m quite glad they were only here for a while.. otherwise the garden might have been stripped bare.

Happy on the Lawn

Happy on the Lawn – “you called?”

Somehow I managed to get the upstairs hall window open (after standing on a chair and struggling to take down the secondary glazing), so that I could watch them properly.

The Co-op car-park was starting to get busy with shoppers (on the other side of the fence) and cars were going up and down our road – it was already 9.30am. They were wary but not in the least bit scared – proper tough little urban deer.

Wandering past the cars

Wandering past the cars and back up the drive to the gate

Watching them, I can’t believe this was their first ever visit. They seemed to know exactly where everything was and how to get in/out easily plus they were so laid back.

It took them a couple of goes to leave. People walking up the road and cars made them head back into the garden to hide for a few minutes but eventually they headed off up the road – back to the woods and the fields about half a mile away.

Before they left I managed to get some footage on my camcorder from the upstairs window (see above). Hope you enjoy it – it’s only 2 mins long (so shouldn’t bore the socks off you!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I see them again. If I do I promise you will be the first to know!


16 thoughts on “Oh deer, deer, deer!

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  2. Saw you left a comment on Tricia’s site…popped in and how wonderful to see such cuties in your garden!

    Will explore your blog further.
    I pop down to Dorset quite frequently – you get such lovely birds there! I’ll bring a few RNParakeets with me -how many would you like? A few hundred or what? Please just keep them!

  3. Thanks Corinna. Really glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting. They are mega-cute. Well maybe not thaaaat many parakeets… I hear they are VERY noisy! Jane

  4. Wow what a fantastic garden visitor. the only mammal activity I’ve had in the last few months is a rat and a dead hedgehog! Mind you I do back on to the A12 so deer are asking a bit much!

  5. Don’t imagine your “dead” hedgehog was very “active” Neil 😦 Poor thing. Wonder what happened to it. We had a dead one last year (half eaten by the badgers I’m afraid). As you say, don’t fancy the deer’s chances dodging the A12…. but you never know! Jane

  6. Title – Deer Roe Deer! 😉
    Lovely stuff Jane and superb Indian blog you pointed me towards. Thanks.
    I showed Anna too and she loved the photos of the leopards and the crested serpent eagles. (Which we saw in Sri Lanka too)
    Ta again

  7. Doug. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Glad you liked the Indian blog as well – I hoped you and Anna would. I’ve actually put one of the pics on my desktop. Jane

  8. Awwww, cute! What an amazing sight, to have them so comfortable in the garden for so long. I wonder if you can put food out for deer as you can for birds? It would be great to have them as regular visitors. Mind you, you might not agree when you find them nibbling on your prize blooms…

  9. Im not sure waht killed the hedgehog, as my dad buried it before I saw it. It waasnt fully grown (but not small) so I wonder if it didnt feed enough before hibernating. My dad said something had been eating it but I don’t reckon a fox would have killed it and im 99.999999% there are no badgers around here. If there are there unsually kind to fences and gardens! lol

  10. Gosh how exciting for you! I’m a bit late catching up with the blogs, and Teagan is nagging me to do hers. I got a whizzy pocket-size camera for Christmas and have already taken loads of photos.. no blurry ones either! I’ll have to pop over to get a crash course on all the bits I don’t understand! Let’s hope the deer come back.

  11. Hi Badgerman. Bit worried they might eat the whole garden if I encourage them tooooooo much – not that I have prize blooms. What with feeding the birds, badgers, hedgehogs and foxes I think the deer will have to “make do”. It was great to see them though. Thanks for leaving a comment. Happy Christmas! Jane

  12. Neil. Don’t be too sure about the badgers. I’d lived in my house for 3 years (and gone out night after night watching badgers elsewhere) before I saw one in the front garden. They don’t do much damage and I’d never have realised unless I’d seen it. Now I realise they come most nights – do a quick snout around and then off again… Shame about your hedgehog though. Jane

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