Do One Thing for Wildlife this Christmas!

The frankly quite nutty team over at BBC Breathing Places have been out talking to wild animals all over the UK to discover exactly what they’d like for Christmas…  (as you do!) watch the video below to find out what they had to say. Then once you’ve done that why not plan to do one thing for your local wildlife over Christmas or in 2009.

I’d love to find out what you are hoping to do (you never know it might inspire others!) so please, please, please leave a comment (if you can’t see the comment box just click on the post heading above and you will see it below the video 🙂 )

Happy Christmas, many thanks for visiting Urban Extension and Nature Watch in 2008 and have loads of fun in 2009! Jane x


24 thoughts on “Do One Thing for Wildlife this Christmas!

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  2. I will take two hand fulls of horse fead down to my mothers back yard and leave yummy piles out for the dear. Perhaps the squirrels will eat them before the dear do. I could do it when it gets close to dark to decrease the chances of the gready grabing squirrels munching down all of the fead. I like squirrls. Its just that it seems life is easyer for them around my mom and dads house.
    I have all ready devoted myself to not give birth to any kids to help with over population problems so i cant do that.
    I like your site. thank you jane

  3. Loved it! I’ll take a handful of bird seed out on our walks and leave it for the little brown mouse near his kettle.. in the hope that he might show his furry face again.

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  5. Hi rainbowcrowfeather (great name!). That little piles of feed sound a great idea. I’m sure the deer will love it (if the other critters don’t get to it first!). Thanks for visiting Urban Extension. Hope to see you back here again in 2009! Jane

  6. That video has made lots of people smile! Its on lots of blogs!

    I am planning to plant Hawthorn/ Buddlea (the butterfly shrub) and a couple of other shrubs in my garden – I have left all the leaves down and hope a few insects are there for the birds!
    Oh and a Bird bath- I watched a Starling skating on my neighbours this am and they were not up – so Starling and Wood Pigeon had to fly away! My pond is too deep so maybe I need some rocks in there..thinks again……

  7. Corinna. Wow, you’re going to be busy! I know what you mean about the birds skating. My poor blackbirds were skating this morning. I had to hurry out in my dressing-gown and add some warm water. Now they are having a warm bath!! I’m off to buy a mahonia today to encourage some winter bumblebees to my garden. Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it. Jane

  8. Hi Kate. I will be popping over to your blog in 2009 to get my regular fix of my favourite mammal… the little water vole. When ever I go into Wimborne (our local town) I always look into the river that flows through the town. One day “I WILL” see a water vole! Good luck with your blog in 2009. Jane

  9. Hi Bill. No… don’t worry I’ve seen them put low down on trees as well as long as the tree has some room about it. Saying that putting it about 10ft up might be safer if you have foxes or other creditors. Jane

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