A Walk Around My Patch

I thought it was about time Urban Extension went “Interactive”. What the hell does that mean? I hear you cry. Well it means that I’ve been playing around with Google Maps (adding walks and photographs) and I’m about to unleash it on you. Sitting comfortably? I will explain…

Roe Deer

Below is a Google satellite map showing an outline in blue of my favourite walk which starts very near to my house. It’s four miles long and includes some great countryside on the edge of Corfe Mullen in Dorset. Strangely, although it’s so near to the village (of 10,200 people) I hardly ever see another human… plenty of wildlife but no people.

If you click on any of the little blobby markers a box with a photo (taken from that point) will pop-up showing different views and wildlife (along with a description of what you are looking at). Once you click off the photo the box will disappear and you will be back to the map. If the “hand” icon appears you can click (and hold down) the mouse and move the map around.

To be honest it’s probably better to look at the map “full screen”, which you can do by clicking on the blue lettering below the map (on the left) which says “view larger map” – it makes everything a lot easier!

So have a play – you can’t break it promise! Zoom in and zoom out and up and down to your hearts content (using the + and –  and arrow buttons top left of the map) and generally have a good snoop around the countryside that I love. Most of the photos were taken last Saturday but a few are from other months and years.

Let me know how you get on!


26 thoughts on “A Walk Around My Patch

  1. Just finished doing your walk.. and I didn’t even get my wellies muddy! Perhaps we’ll do the real thing one weekend soon, not sure if T will remember the way so we may have to take G along too for his map reading skills in case we get lost!

  2. Hi there Jane – a very interesting idea 🙂

    This post had me curious even before I saw it… for some reason I have only just been able to view it. The link to it from my list showed a problem message when I selected it. Of course, I then had to keep trying 😉 Perhaps others had the same hence only one other comment above. Sorted now though – just thought I should mention it 😀

    Only recently I discovered you could add photos like this. What a cool idea it is isn’t it? An excellent idea to try out on your walk Jane – it really changes the perspective on viewing photos and sharing the region that you live in or even a day out 😀

    Excellent! I have enjoyed my morning walk and had a bit of technology into the bargain – greta stuff! Thanks 😀

  3. Wow! That is such a cool addition…
    One question though – Jungle Cat? I assume it’s just a normal cat with great markings, but it really does look like a big cat, capable of taking out a horse or unsuspecting sheep!!! Amazing to see just how m,uch the camera can sometimes lie after all!

  4. Thanks Shirl. The problem was that I published it (then realised I hadn’t finished it and “unpublished” it….) so some may have seen it and then it disappeared! Sorry! It should be OK now. Glad you enjoyed it, I’d love to see a similar thing from up your way! Jane

  5. Hi Steve. Thanks. Glad you liked it. We could do a similar sort of thing on the Volunteering Blog if you were interested…

    I wondered who would notice the “cat” pouncing. I came across this cat a couple of years ago and it scared the living daylights out of me when it walked across my path at dusk one evening. It’s enormous! I thought I was seeing the “corfe mullen wildcat”. I found out it’s what they call a Bengal, a breed of cat crossed with the wild Asian Leopard Cat. It’s markings are quite stunning and it’s a brilliant hunter…(and swimmer!) watch out voles/mice and sheep! Jane

  6. What an excellent idea! It’s certainly brightened up a morning in the office anyway. You’re very lucky having this on your doorstep, and you obviously know your local patch like the back of your hand.

    I love the jungle cat too! It certainly made me look twice. I wouldn’t fancy bumping into it on a dark night!

  7. Thanks Badgerman. I will probably use it again for other things throughout the year… but just wanted to try it out. I am very lucky, although there are always things that surprise me about my patch… especially jungle cats when they walk out in front of me! Jane

  8. Thank you Ruth. It’s not a bad “patch” (as patches go)! Hope to show you my other “patches” throughout the year. Quite a bit of Corfe Mullen is heathland.. bit bleak at the moment, but buzzing in the summer – so that might make an interesting interactive walk. Jane

  9. Nice one Jane. Some lovely photos and its nice to experience someone elses patch 🙂

    I tried something similar on my blog last month, but my opera doesn’t seem to want to embed the code for google maps 😦

  10. Thanks Neil. You need to get yourself a WordPress account and transfer your blog over! I’m hoping to add video to the next Google map. Fingers crossed! Jane

  11. Hi Jane! This is a lovely site. I couldn’t do the walk coz Google kept redirecting me elsewhere (probably due to my incompetence!). I would have loved to have seen the Bengal cat; they are not only beautiful, but playful, intelligent and cuddly as far as as I can ascertain. Have a look at http://tanj-uschi.blogspot.com/ for some lovely images of these cats and their humans. Their Mum is a terrific artist! This isn’t an advert, I don’t know them personally!

    I loved the jackdaw video. I spent a few years in my early childhood in Somerset where older children kept rejected chicks as pets. They were tame and absolutely adorable, but with the benefit of hindsight and adulthood, I can’t help worrying about how they fared when they grew up…

    Thanks to http://quicksilverbirds.blogspot.com/ for introducing me to you 🙂 xxx

  12. Hi Jane, what an absolutely brilliant idea. I love it, as it allows a 3D view of a walk or area. I’ve seen such things before but no idea how t do them…. maybe for Sand Bay then if I can get this idea to work on my blog, presumably that’s possible, as your blog is a website, but will spend the weekend having a go. Excellent.

  13. Hi Andrew. I would love to see an 3D view of Sand Bay!

    It isn’t difficult to do the maps. To start with you will need to have an iGoogle account (which if you haven’t got one you can get it here https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount and then click on “create an account now” )

    and then this page should help you to understand how to set up “your maps” in Google Maps and adding “placemarks” and “pictures” and then how to embed them in your blog. The help pages are quite useful.


    Good luck!


  14. What a brilliant idea! Great for all your blogging pals who don’t know the area. May have to get you to help me do something similar for walks on the BSM website once we are up and running. That cat is phenomenal!

  15. Hi Black Cat and welcome to Urban Extension! Sorry you couldn’t go on the walk 😦 try this link and see if it takes you to the map


    (long isn’t it!)

    Well this Bengal had others things on his mind than cuddling up… he was in hunt mode! Hope he doesn’t eat too much of the wildlife, but he was impressive to watch. Thanks also for the links.

    Glad you enjoyed the jackdaws. Apparently there used to be a tame one here… now long dead unfortunately… but he used to rule the roost in the garden! All the other birds were terrified of him. Jane

  16. What a superb idea! I have to admit I’d love to have a go of this myself. So glad to have found this blog, it’s such a fountain of info and so enthusiastic too, I’m subscribing right now 🙂

    • It really depends if you are happy to take your wheelchair on the road. You could start the walk at the junction of Russell Lane and Knoll Lane, go up to Stony Down Plantation (there is quite a good path through the middle of Stony Down (keep to the main path instead of going round the edge as I have done on this walk above), (there are some hills!) then along the Holloway and come out at Old Market Road, then follow the road up and turn down Red Lane and turn right and down Knoll Lane. It will really depend on the conditions & time of year. If it has been wet I wouldn’t attempt Stony Down Plantation!

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