The Pride of East Dorset Awards : The Tension is Rising!

Pride of East DorsetI’m off to the Pride of East Dorset Awards! Completely out of the blue I found myself nominated in the Green and Glorious category “rewarding a person or group responsible for helping improve the environment of their community”. So in less than two hours I will either be giving my best Gwyneth Paltrow-esque acceptance speech, or I will be looking at the winner with daggers in my eyes (only kidding!).

Two gorgeous deer were in the garden this morning. They got so close to the sitting-room window that if it had been open I could have lent forward and touched them. In fact Andrew had to bang on the window as one of them was trying to eat a complete azalea bush. It looked at him with sleepy bambi eyes (the deer that is, not Andrew) and then wandered off to have a munch on some tasty camellia flowers! Who said wildlife is scared of humans.

Hopefully they will bring me luck tonight…


4 thoughts on “The Pride of East Dorset Awards : The Tension is Rising!

    • Thanks Badgerman… your fingers crossed worked! I’ve just written a post about a poisoned badger sett I found this week. You might be interested in reading it. Not very happy post I’m afraid.

  1. Good luck Jane. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such an award as you, you’ve done wonders for your local patch.. I hope to see a full post, complete with pictures of a massive trophy or medal sometime very soon…

    • Hi Steve. Thanks. I hear DWT may have had a hand in my nomination! Sounds like a picture of the trophy is on it’s way to me. I will see how awful I look in the photo before I post it!

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