It’s really weird… I won

And I have a very posh solid glass, engraved obilisky-thing to prove it!

Receiving my award

Receiving my award from John Raymond, The High Sheriff of Dorset (and Trustee of Dorset Wildlife Trust) and Cllr Ray Dudman

Those deer definitely brought me luck.


20 thoughts on “It’s really weird… I won

  1. Hi Jane

    I’m trying to email a photo of you with your solid glass, engraved obilisky-thing. Can you please let me have your email address?


    • That’s the “High Sheriff of Dorset” he has a really funny hat and a sword – but he decided not to wear that night because the sword is really uncomfortable when he sits down! The design of the clothes dates back to the 1830’s I think… (by the way, he doesn’t wear them all the time… just for certain events/ceremonies!) If you want to see powdered wigs you should see our Judges in the criminal courts… they still wear them!

    • Thanks Shirl. Don’t worry you didn’t miss it – I didn’t blog for a while and then added loads of posts… Hope everything is OK with you.

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