As you’ve never seen a deer before!

I told you the roe deer got very close the other day when they visited the garden. This is a still from the short video I managed to get from the outside “badger and fox” camera. There’s a short bit of film as well, so that you can see his gorgeous antlers!

My Lucky Deer

Only 15 seconds long and slightly slowed down – but just look at those velvet antlers on the vid below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

13 thoughts on “As you’ve never seen a deer before!

    • To be honest Shirl I think they have probably always been there, it’s just me that didn’t see them! It’s like I’ve discovered a wildlife park in my garden! Hope your bird boxes are doing well this year.

    • Hi Rvewong. No. Some are poached at night and some local landowners do have shoots on their land (for deer, pheasant & rabbit), but the majority of the land is not hunted. We are right on the outskirts of the town, and although the deer aren’t tame they do seem to be quite used to urban noises (cars, people shouting, etc). Because they aren’t culled they are actually becoming quite a problem, as they do cause quite a lot of damage to young trees. They are welcome in my garden (as long as they don’t eat “too” much).

  1. I saw a deer in the fields behind my house and when she saw me began making hissing sounds. It then began to march very peculior, like a communist soldier. What is that all about?

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