The Mystery of the Badger Sett is Solved

I spent most of Friday trying to find out what was happening about the baited badger sett in my previous post.  I “badgered” the police and the council and I eventually got Natural England involved and sent them one of my photos.

They found out that the bait has been put down by a local Ecological Consultant trying to work out if the artificial sett was being used. The blue pellet that I picked up and crushed must have been a very old “plastic” pellet. They have been baiting the sett for many, many months and the pellets eventually degrade and crumble (which makes sense as you wouldn’t want plastic pellets all over the place).  They are thinking of building another artificial sett on the other side of the road…. as someone is having problems with badgers digging in their garden.

So thank goodness it wasn’t poison. I’m really, really pleased. Apparently the consultant shouldn’t have been using blue pellets (he should have used green or yellow) because blue are so easy to confuse with slug pellets! Apparently I even had the Natural England experts confused and the guy I spoke to said it had been a good learning exercise for all of them. No one had realised that the plastic pellets degrade quite so well! I can relax now.

10 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Badger Sett is Solved

    • I try to keep an eye on the badgers around CM but further afield all sorts of things are going on. Now that they have the TB badge round their necks there aren’t so many people willing to fight there corner.

  1. Hi Jane I should have read your latest update before sending you a long reply to your original article you covered. Pleased that the outcome turned out ok. Is your local badger group involved with the council re-the proposed 2nd Artificial sett and badgers digging in the garden? Sounds like you have a good council prepared to spend time and money on helping out the local badgers.

    • We are trying to get involved in the 2nd sett. Hoping they will keep us in the loop in the future. Thanks for all your input. It was a great help.

  2. I must admit I was worried when I read your post, but all’s well that ends well. As Steve said, it’s good to know that you’re looking out for the badgers.

    • Thanks for your concern Badgerman. There aren’t enough of us around keeping an eye on the poor old badger. They’ve got such a bad name for themselves it’s hard sometimes to get past peoples prejudices.

  3. Great news Jane, I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw the image in your previous post! Great work on your part in following this through… go girl 😀

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