Orange Tip Butterfly : Dipped in Paint

My first orange tip of the year seen today basking on a daffodil in my back garden. With wings open above and closed below.

Orange Tip Butterfly : Wings Closed


26 thoughts on “Orange Tip Butterfly : Dipped in Paint

    • I saw a few yesterday in my garden (peacock, orange tip and speckled wood), and saw my first small tortoiseshell the other day down at a local meadow. Not so many bees though… you obviously have all my bees and I have your butterflies!

  1. Hi Jane

    Great photo, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those butterflies. Its raining today, so not quite as many insects as there were yesterday, but bees have been buzzing everywhere in our garden this week,


    • Yes, raining here as well today. Where are my bees then? I’ve set them up with a lovely mason bee drilled-hole log but “nothing”. All the butterflies must be scaring them!

  2. My wildlife just isn’t as well behaved as yours. The best things to photograph come along when my hands are caked in soil and mud. Lovely Green-veine White fltting around yesterday. While clearing away lots of old stems and seed heads from last years Golden Rod I found a lot of Banded Snails so decided to go back to student days (3 decades ago!) and record species and the numbers of each with different colours and numbers of bands. The Open University is doing a nationwide project on this. Snails don’t move nearly so fast so it’s easy! Have aa look at and start counting them – they are delightful little things and come in yellow, pink and brown – just the thing for a day when the chocaholics are out in the garden hunting easter eggs!
    Happy Easter and happy hunting!

    • Oh believe me, my wildlife is very badly behaved. I just take lots of photos and cross my fingers.

      Good to hear that you have been going back to your college days and counting/recording snails. Bit like recording trees, they don’t move much either!

      Happy Easter. Jane x

    • That’s brilliant news Chris. Always love to hear about wildlife in urban places. All strength to the little orange tip hope he find a mate in the churchyard.

  3. Saw my first ever Orange Tip (male) today (at the age of 63) on a dandelion clock in my garden. It flew off as I got a closer look but a few minutes later came back and landed on the same plant. Have had to find out what it was from websites.

    • Never ever too late to see your first orange tip! Never to late to see any wildlife in my opinion. I’ve just got my 84 year old mum interested. She phoned me the other night really excited as she’d just seen her first ever bee-fly!

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