A Perfect Shade of White : Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone, originally uploaded by Nature Watch Corfe Mullen.
I’m posting a few of the photos I’ve taken recently. These were taken on 31 March under the Remedy Oak (see previous post). I’ve played around with their background colour a little, but their yellow centres were so amazing I just had to make that zing…

Wood Anemone


12 thoughts on “A Perfect Shade of White : Wood Anemone

    • Thanks Bernie. I’ve looked at your blog and flickr and your flower pictures are just gorgeous. Way superior to mine. The colours are just stunning… so I’m very proud that you liked my humble anemone.

    • Thanks Tricia. I must admit I didn’t think of that at the time, just took loads of pictures and hoped that some would come out ok. Really glad you liked them.

    • Hi Dragonstar. Thanks. They are lovely little flowers. I haven’t photographed them before… but I know I will be hunting for them again next year.

  1. Hi Jane,
    I’ve not been in to see your blog for a while, been busy fitting a new kitchen witch is still on going.
    “Handful of coal tits” nice bit of video and a good voice over, but the clip I like the best is the Roe deer Oh deer.
    How about doing a mix edit with some of your Canon xl1s video and make a “in my garden short film” with a voice over

    Wood Anemone I have a sssi wood not far from me so I have been told that is carpeted with them it’s behind a famous West London Heart Hospital, so I will take look on Tuesday.
    Happy Easter
    Ron C

    • Thanks Ron C. Lovely to hear from you. I’d like to do a film on my garden. You’ve got me thinking now!

      Hope your wood anemone’s are in the woods. Happy Easter. Jane

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