Oh, what big eyes you have!

All the better to see you with…   No, I’m not finding new species of dragonfly in the Dorset countryside, I’m actually thousands of miles away on a small island called Conch Key. I’ve got the Atlantic out of the sitting room window and the Gulf of Mexico out of the bedroom and I’m about as far south as you can get in the good ole US of A. To find out what wildlife I’ve been pestering click on this Florida Keys Wildlife blog link for the next 3 weeks. Hope to see you soon… Jane

What big eyes you have!


5 thoughts on “Oh, what big eyes you have!

    • Thanks Thomas. I must admit I had to look up bokeh… I thought it might be some type of bird or dragonfly (LOL). Wiki says “Bokeh (derived from Japanese, a noun boke, meaning “blurred or fuzzy”) is a photographic term referring to the appearance of point of light sources in an out-of-focus area of an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field.[1] Different lens bokeh produces different aesthetic qualities in out-of-focus backgrounds, which are often used to reduce distractions and emphasize the primary subject.” Thanks for the compliment! Jane

  1. wow! beautifully done!! now i too, get to know what bokeh is… i thought it was a typo for bon jovi… 😀 jz joking… anyway, look at how the twig ‘bokeh-ed’ into the picture… 😉 keep it up!! i love animals too!! cheers…

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