To Kill a Mockingbird? More like “Killing me softly with his song”

This post shouldn’t really be on Urban Extension (it should be on FloridaWildlife) but I wanted to upload a recording and I can only do that on ere…


Every morning and evening this lovely little mockingbird has been perched on the telephone wires outside our Conch Key house singing his little heart out.

I think it’s mating time, as he seems determined to attract THE best mate on the island (and keep out all intruders). He seems to be doing a good job!

Here is a 30 second audio clip of him singing this evening. You can just hear him through the wind and palm leaves clattering (turn up your sound). A truly beautiful song which is forever changing and keeps me spellbound.


If you can’t get the above thingy to work, click on the link below (and it should open another window with an audio player). I hope you can hear him. I want to take him back to my Dorset garden.

Mockingbird Song


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