The Beauty of Summer

Sorry! I never seem to have time to blog at the moment. I’m either photographing wildlife, filming it, adding it to Flickr (see my stuff here), Tweeting about it (my Tweets are here) or adding stuff to Facebook. Far too many online thingys to deal with… my life used to be simple!ย  Anyway, the other day I went for a very wildlife-y walk around my favourite part of Corfe Mullen.

Emperor Dragonfly Female

I’ve never managed to photograph an Emperor Dragonfly before. These enormous dragonflies charge about in the summer looking more like small birds – but they never seem to stop. Until they lay eggs that is. This lovely female flew up and down the small pond until finally deciding on this spot in the lilies. Rather reminiscent of Monet’s paintings don’t you think ๐Ÿ™‚

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I’ve seen far more Small Tortoiseshell butterflies this year (which is encouraging). Their numbers are way down Nationally, but in Dorset they don’t seem to be doing too badly. Such a beautiful butterfly. That blue edging is an amazing colour.

Roe Deer Fawn

What could be more ahhhh that a baby deer, and this one was very cute and still quite fluffy. Unfortunately we are pretty overrun with Roe Deer in this neck of the woods, and I’m sure one of the local farmers will start shooting them soon to get the numbers down. Anyway, this one was very much alive and healthy and enjoying the summer sunshine.

Common Blue

Another butterfly, this time a Common Blue. It looks like they’ve been dipped in flaky blue paint. A tiny and often overlooked butterfly. They may be “Common” but they are still worth spending some time looking at…

Wall Brown Butterfly

This was actually a first for me. I’ve never seen a Wall Brown butterfly before. It wasn’t on an upright wall but obviously felt very comfortable (and suitably warmed) on this broken down one.


Finally, as I wandered home this young buzzard came to check me out. Against the bright sunshine it photographed in silhouette. I love the way the end of the wings are picked out by those upturned feathers.ย  It certainly made itself heard, screaming at me all the way home! Maybe it knows I haven’t been blogging enough…


39 thoughts on “The Beauty of Summer

  1. Great pics and text…..I like Walls (butterflies that is) but hardly ever saw one until I moved to York; they’re way commoner up here. Love the buzzard.

    • Thanks Peter. You spurred me into blogging action (once again!). I didn’t realise Wall Brown’s were common up your way. I guess you deserve to have more of some things – we do seem to get the bigger share of most species down here in the South!

    • Thanks Linda. I was mega-delighted. Especially as I’ve been wanting to photograph one for at least the last year. Once she had found her “spot” she was there for the duration… and I could click away to my hearts content. Quite an experience.

  2. These are great. They make me want to start a Green team at college. A site I’ve been using to work through the college process that has little or no ads ( suggests teens about to be freshman join or create a team to compete to make college campus the greenest in America.

  3. You have captured art within your art. Some of your pictures look so beautifully surreal that it feels like you are painting with your camera ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks dannyhageman, that’s probably one of the best comments I’ve ever received… I’m not a very “technical” photographer, but I do “think” about my photos before and after I take them. Some are obviously just record shots, but others need to capture what I felt at the time (hope that doesn’t sound pretentious but I do see enormous beauty in wildlife). Thanks again. Jane

  4. I’ve been meaning to say for ages…I just LOVE the photo of the Emporor. It is extraordinary, the colour’s just stunning. When I first saw it I reall did think you’d downloaded a Monet painting! Fabulous.

  5. This is, of course, rather a belated comment – but I find the to photo (of the dragonfly) fantastic. I’m don’t like dragon flies much – tend to prefer damsels . . . but that photo really is very beautiful in its own right.

    Esther Montgomery

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s the first time I’d photographed one of them in the water and I must admit it’s still one of my fav photos.

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