The Humble Honey Bee

OK, I’ve got to make a confession. I hadn’t realised quite how gorgeous the humble honey bee actually was until today.

Apis mellifera Honey Bee  21-08-2009 11-59-43

Just look at it! cute as a button! (come on guys admit it, you know you want to!)

The honey bees were going mad for the last of the geranium flowers. Almost fighting over them.

Apis mellifera Honey Bee  21-08-2009 12-08-55

Just three dying flowers left and every one of them with a honey bee, if not two.

Apis mellifera Honey Bee  21-08-2009 12-01-21

So let’s hear it for Apis mellifera the honey bee.

We MUST do everything in our powers to stop this creature from dying out.

Apis mellifera Honey Bee  21-08-2009 12-08-51

What will I be doing?

Apis mellifera Honey Bee  21-08-2009 12-09-00

I’ll be planting a lot more bee friendly plants in my garden next spring to give these critters as much spring/summer/autumn nosh as they can manage.

Has anyone got any spare geranium?


13 thoughts on “The Humble Honey Bee

  1. Wow, nice shots! I do my best with my little balcony! Here in Italy, apparently the bees are really suffering from the extreme heat, and hardly have the strength to fly around..I saw it on the news last night…let’s hope it cools off – for everyone!

    • I don’t often wish for rain… but maybe you could do with some at the moment, and it would help your little bees! Funny to think you are reading this from a balcony in Italy. The internet is so cool sometimes! 🙂

  2. Funny you should mention honey bees as I was just thinking the other day that I’d seen quite a few here, in contrast to the apparent national trend. There is a “professional” bee-keeper in the village here (i.e. sells the honey). I also found a “wild” nest in a hole in an ash tree a few years back; it kept going for about 4 years before the bark re-grew, closing the entrance hole. I wonder if there was some emergency emmigration or if one day they just found that they couldn’t get out?

    • Yes, me too. I’m wondering if numbers are actually up this year nationwide. I haven’t seen any figures for 2009. I’ve never seen a wild nest although I was sitting in my sister’s garden (Lower Blandford St Mary) last year and a swarm of bees came over. You could hear them coming from hundreds of metres away! I must admit we ran for it…

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