Simon’s Cat “Hot Spot”

Those of you who stop by here regularly will know that I have a very soft spot for the Simon’s Cat videos. Well here is the newest one (make sure you have the sound turned on). Short but very sweet… Enjoy!


23 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat “Hot Spot”

  1. Oh how exciting! I think I’ll be posting this one on my blog ASAP. I hadn’t realised he came out with a new one. (I confess I want the book!)

  2. Hadn’t seen this one so thanks!
    Are you going to be mentioned THREE times on the next autumnwatch by the way, or maybe FOUR? I’m running a book you see! πŸ˜€

  3. hah!Even as I speak my cat Ludwig is trying to shove his head under the desk lamp for a sauna, I can try to discourage it, worrying about third degree cat burns, but no, he must have the heat. Very clever, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love “Simon’s Cat” – I’ve bought the book as Xmas presents! Jane – you haven’t posted for some months. I do hope you are OK?? beginning to worry about you now…..

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