RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Have just completed the Bird Watch, 12 species – missed some that are usually in the garden (such as the wren, treecreeper, house sparrow) but did see all the normal suspects, and I’m pleased that the bullfinches (male and female) and the song thrush (who woke me up this morning with it’s gorgeous song) turned up during the hour watch.

Blackbird sings from the top of the house

Here are my results:

Bluetit: 2
Woodpigeon: 9
Greenfinch: 5
Blackbird: 7
Chaffinch: 2
Jackdaw: 3
Coal tit: 1
Robin: 3
Magpie: 3
Dunnock: 1
Great tit: 1
Bullfinch: 2
Song thrush: 1


2 thoughts on “RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

  1. good to see you back on line Jane. Hope all’s well and you have survived the winter intact. I didn’t have time to do the RSPB watch this year, mind you in Julie’s garden there’s only ever sparrows and starlings, even though she lives in the country.

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