Needing Spring

I’ve had a bit of a rubbish week work-wise, but on a brighter note I have bought myself a new camera and managed to play with it a couple of times. Starting last Saturday I shot down to Kimmeridge to show the Dorset WT volunteers how to add their marine sightings to the website. On the way back to the car I managed a couple of snaps. The sea was really rough, which was strange cos it was such a beautiful day.

Later in the week, and back in my garden, I started to notice more garden birds on the feeders. A brambling made a brief appearance and five bullfinch sat in the camelias having a chit-chat.

The weather was rainy and dull for most of the week, by yesterday I was pretty stir-crazy, so a walk down by Poole Harbour was definitely on the books.

The first thing to greet me when I got out of the car was a field full of fieldfare and starling – feeding on a damp, mole-ridden field. The fieldfare will be on their way back north in the next couple of months, but it was nice to see them again before they do.

I walked round to the reedbeds that edge the harbour and watched a white female sika in the trees. She seemed to think that just because she was behind a couple of twigs she was invisible. We sat and watched each other for a while – until we both got bored!

Further out in the reeds the rest of her family were better hidden. In the late afternoon sun they were a very pretty sight – backed by the houses in the suburbs of Poole.

Walking back across the fieldfare field I couldn’t resist a photo of the old oaks that dominate the field. Great lumps of oak – standing firm for hundreds of years. Wonder what they have seen in their lives.

Lastly I wandered over to the open water, at the top of the embankment I had a great view of the harbour. The dark clouds that have been with us all week were still lurking but it was a still and calm view to finish my walk.


2 thoughts on “Needing Spring

  1. Great to see you blogging again Jane……now you have all those hours of writing and uploading to look forward to :-). Lovely pic of the pebbles at Kimmeridge, and hope you have a better week at work next week.

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