My hubby’s a bird whisperer!

The birds are getting more and more used to us in the garden this year. Both Andrew and I are in and out of the house all day long (when the weather permits) and the birds seem to take little or no notice of us now. Other than George (jackdaw) the next most cheeky of visitors is Robbie (robin of course!). When he first started sharing George’s food he still had his fledgling feathers – however he/she is now a fully adult feathered robin and happily takes suet pellets out of our hands.

Yesterday, for the first time, he flew up to the kitchen window and tapped! However, by far the funniest thing happened this morning. Andrew got up to have a pee in the bathroom. Toilet is right next to a first floor window that looks out onto the garden and Robbie flew up to the window and sat on the windowsill watching him! A bit disconcerting… but very funny.

These pics show Robbie in his still fledgling feathers – I’ll try to get a grown up pic of him today as well.


10 thoughts on “My hubby’s a bird whisperer!

  1. Cardinals, sparrows, crows, and seagulls follow me. It all started happening this year. I live in an apartment and don’t have a garden. Maybe something is up with the birds?

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