Every jackdaw could be George

Every time a jackdaw lands in the garden, or on the roof next door, I wonder if it’s George. Standing at the window I know this jackdaw can see me. He runs up the tiles and stands on the gable for a second looking my way, then slowly he takes to the sky and is gone. Did he wink before he went? or was that just my imagination?

Today the jackdaw is my #WGW365



2 thoughts on “Every jackdaw could be George

  1. Last Evening a jackdaw appeared at the window of my top floor flat and looked straight at me for several seconds before flying away – spooky or what

    • That is weird – I wonder why it did that! I wonder if it was a tame jackdaw? However, saying that we’ve had a blackbird do that to my husband. Really put him off as he was in the middle of a widdle at the time! 🙂

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