Day 3: Running, owls and butterflies

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_03Day three of the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Challenge and it started with a wild run on what I’ve just found out is “national running day” (didn’t know there was such a thing!).

Since I started running a couple of years ago I’ve always hated running on pavements and around the local housing estates (where’s the fun in that?) plus my ageing knees don’t much like the hard surfaces. So, it’s always a pleasure to run “off piste” on the tracks and footpaths around the edge of our ever growing urban extension.

To the woods, to the woods!

To the woods, to the woods!

Saying that I’m incredibly lucky to have lowland heath, woods and meadows on my doorstep (and if I pound out a few extra miles there’s even beaches, water meadows and rolling downland a skip and a jump away).

Today was just a short round-the-block run – with the added interest of seeing roe deer, woodpeckers and maybe even my favourite owl. He didn’t disappoint. As I ran under his oak tree he flew up onto a higher branch and grumpily stared at me. You can’t beat starting the day with a grumpy little owl staring at you!

Grumpy little owl

Grumpy little owl

To be honest I thought that would be it as far as wildlife for the day, as I settled into a pile of work in front of the computer, but at about 11am I got a very welcome email from my wildlife-loving friend John, asking if I fancied going for a walk around a new Dorset Wildlife Trust meadow nature reserve for an hour at lunchtime. Well, it would have been rude not to!

Common blue - a male I think

Common blue – a male I think

Great to see a couple of butterfly species, along with solitary bees, bumbles, beetles, moths and starlings nesting in a telegraph pole. At last the sun seems to have made a welcome return!

Definitely not a bad way to spend an hour on day three of #30DaysWild.

Small copper

Small copper


8 thoughts on “Day 3: Running, owls and butterflies

  1. Lovely to see a little owl. My wife has just joined us to the DWT (my birthday present – ‘the gift that keeps on sharing…’). There seems to be a great deal on offer. Maybe even little owls. Enjoying your challenge. RH

    • Thanks! I’ve just looked at your blog at Rolling Harbour. Now I’m completely confused – are you in the Bahamas or UK? My husband is a very keen bone and tarpon fisherman and we have spent the last 15 years going to the Florida Keys for a few weeks – him for the fish me for the wildlife. Worth us going to Rolling Harbour instead for a change?

      • Hi Jane. We live in the UK (Dorset between Sherborne & Dorchester) / London, but involved with / member of the Delphi Club, Abaco. We have wonderful bonefishing and guides. Some permit. No one has boated a tarpon yet, despite hook-ups. Deep sea possibilities. I suspect you’d love it at Delphi – unless you want.. erm.. discos & souvenir shops etc. It’s a very simple island. NB Delphi is quite isolated – a mile from the road and rather more from any other building. The birding is excellent and interesting too – see ‘Birds of Abaco’ menu on the blog. Also

    • Thanks for the info. Our only drawback is that we need to be fairly close to medical facilities, as my husband is in remission from cancer and has other health issues. He’s fine – but we need to know that medical care is quite close to hand if he needs it. Sounds a gorgeous place though and just up our street.

      • Quite understand. Abaco definitely out I’m afraid. The “medical centre” in the main (= only) town has taken 4 years to build and still has a way to go. A med problem means a 1/2 hr flight to Nassau or for anything serious, to Miami… What a shame. The Keys is probably ideal, plus you get alligators I expect (I really want to see one!)

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