Day 5: It’s all about the bees!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Day 5 of my #30DaysWild challenge was spent eagerly awaiting the release of this film about solitary bees.

I wasn’t disappointed. This really is well worth watching. Enjoy!]


6 thoughts on “Day 5: It’s all about the bees!

  1. Fascinating! Especially being able to see the preparations going on inside the bee hotel… and I think we’ll be a bit more careful when we see empty snail shells in future.

  2. Excellent video. I’ve just put up a bee house – the bamboo set-up – in the hope of attracting solitaries. No interest yet, but I went to a garden centre and chose the lavender plant with the most bees on it to plant under the bee house. We shall see…!

    • The Red Mason Bees that tend to use the bamboo type bee houses are getting to the end of their nesting season, but hopefully you might attract in some Leaf Cutter bees who will also use it. They are starting to emerge now, so if you have a few bee friendly flowers in your garden they should hopefully find your bee house. They can’t be quite particular about the size of the bamboo – but fingers crossed. Just make sure that the house is in the sun for most of the day – they like a really sunny spot! Good luck!

      • Thanks Jane, v helpful. The bamboo tubes are in many sizes, even tiny. And the garden is abuzz with bee-friendly flowers. So, fingers crossed. I will also move the house further along the wall, where it will get more sun during the day – thanks for the tip. RH

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