Day 6: Getting tired

Day 6 #30dayswild
Day 6 of my #30DaysWild adventure has had it’s up’s and down’s. It often gets to this time of  year and I start feeling slightly sad that we’ve already seen the best of spring.

Don’t you ever feel like you want to stop the world and get off for a bit? Days, weeks and months feel like they’re disappearing far too fast – maybe it’s “me age”. Probably.

So, to take in as much as I possibly could today, I sat in the garden and just “watched”.

red mason  (2)

Inevitably it was the bees that caught my eye. The poor old female red mason bees looked like I felt. Tired and a bit jaded round the edges. One landed on the arm of my chair and seemed to share time with me before getting back to the important job of completing her nest in the bee hotel.

red mason  (3)

It won’t be long before the red mason bees have finished their nests, and already there are new visitors to the bee hotel and garden.

Mournful Wasp Pemphredon lugubris

This Mournful Wasp – Pemphredon lugubris (not sure where it gets its depressing name from), is actually doing me a big favour in the garden, apparently it catches up to 40 aphids to fill each nesting chamber it builds for its young (also in the bee hotel).

They’re welcome to the aphids as long as they leave a few for the ladybirds!


In the mini-meadow the Ox-eye daisies are starting to bloom, and this small solitary bee was feeding. Such a delicate little thing, it makes you wonder how something that small manages to survive more than a day – let alone a few weeks.

So now I guess we need to welcome summer… and leave spring behind.


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