Butterflies, Bees & Bumbles

It was a truly beautiful spring day today in Dorset. Perfect blue sky and lots of warm sunshine. I think the insects appreciated the warmth as much as I did and in-between bouts of gardening, housework and washing I chased them round the garden with my camera. Green Veined Butterfly, originally uploaded by Nature Watch […]

Day 6: Getting tired

Day 6 of my #30DaysWild adventure has had it’s up’s and down’s. It often gets to this time of  year and I start feeling slightly sad that we’ve already seen the best of spring. Don’t you ever feel like you want to stop the world and get off for a bit? Days, weeks and months […]

Day 3: Running, owls and butterflies

Day three of the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Challenge and it started with a wild run on what I’ve just found out is “national running day” (didn’t know there was such a thing!). Since I started running a couple of years ago I’ve always hated running on pavements and around the local housing estates (where’s the […]

Day 2: Bumble in trouble

We’ve all read the newspaper headlines saying bumblebees are in trouble and their numbers are declining, well today, in a small and insignificant way, I was able to help one as part of my #30DaysWild Challenge. I’ve been thinking a lot about “my wild life” today, and realised that the wildlife REALLY important to me […]

Day 1: #30DaysWild

I’ve signed up to the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Challenge this month – and will be trying to commit acts of random wildness for the whole of June. So watch out! Day one, and the weather wasn’t ideal but at lunchtime I did  manage to slip away from my desk for 30 mins to sit with […]

When all else fails

Having spent the whole weekend running in and out of the house hoping to see some insects in the garden, I’d just about given up. The sun wasn’t warm enough, the flowers in the garden weren’t smelly or showy enough and all signs of life had deserted me. At lunchtime I decided it was time […]

Signs of Spring?

I’ve been dreaming about Spring for what seems like months, and in the last two weeks it has been peeping out and tempting me with brief Spring-like days (or even just hours) but today was full-on proper Spring. It will probably disappear again tomorrow – so I charged round the garden lapping everything up!