From a Handful of Coal Tits to Thousands of Jackdaws

I didn’t start the day with the intention of seeing any wildlife but it just kind of happened. One of those lucky days I guess when the wildlife appears and puts on a show right in front of you.

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Do One Thing for Wildlife this Christmas!

The frankly quite nutty team over at BBC Breathing Places have been out talking to wild animals all over the UK to discover exactly what they’d like for Christmas…  (as you do!) watch the video below to find out what they had to say. Then once you’ve done that why not plan to do one thing for your local wildlife over Christmas or in 2009.

I’d love to find out what you are hoping to do (you never know it might inspire others!) so please, please, please leave a comment (if you can’t see the comment box just click on the post heading above and you will see it below the video 🙂 )

Happy Christmas, many thanks for visiting Urban Extension and Nature Watch in 2008 and have loads of fun in 2009! Jane x

The Sopranos & Long Eareds of Ashley Wood

It sounds like we have a gangster mob living in Ashley Wood and looking at this little chap below he does have some mobster similarities – or is it just me that thinks that? (big nose, swept back hair (OK, ears), staring eyes). At the end of October Steve Davis at Dorset Wildlife Trust invited me along to look for Mafioso… sorry bats.

Brown Long Eared Bat Continue reading

> Successful Night Event with Bats, Moths & Mice at Corfe Mullen Meadow Reserve

The guys at Dorset Wildlife Trust, Steve Davis and Amanda Cooke, are running two more events for Nature Watch Corfe Mullen this weekend. The first was tonight. The aim? To hear bats, to set some humane small mammal traps (to be opened tomorrow morning) and set up the moth trap. So where did this little chap come from? Read on…

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> What was that?

Help needed! What the hell is this animal making a dash across my garden the other night? Caught on the infra-red night camera at 1.34am. I’ve never seen it before and haven’t seen it since!

All suggestions gratefully received. I know what I “think” it is…. but I’m keeping stoom until I’ve heard some of your imaginative ideas…. Thanks 🙂