Dreaming of Dorset Otters

I’d love to report that I’ve been out watching otters, but the truth is I’ve been stuck inside this week working – so to cheer myself up I’m posting a beautiful video of Dorset otters by Hugh Miles. I was there when some of this was shot, so it brings back very happy memories.

If you’d like to see more by Hugh, you can click through to his website for his latest series “Catching the Impossible” Well worth buying/watching (even if you don’t like fishing) for the wonderful wildlife footage and underwater sequences.

Roll on spring!

Swans in the Mist

It’s cold today. Too cold to take the camera out (in my opinion!!) I’ve been wrapped up warm in front of the fire, looking back through video footage I took this summer. I found some taken very early on a summers morning down by the banks of the River Stour. I was looking for otters, what I found was an ethereal landscape of swans, mist and early morning dew.

Swan in the Mist

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River Stour Otters

As a member of the Dorset Otter Group I have a specific stretch of the river Stour that I survey four times a year for signs of otters. Basically that entails scrabbling around in my wellies on the river bank looking for otter poo… or to give it it’s proper name, spraint. Glamorous stuff eh! but you see what you don’t understand is the bubbling-over, child-like excitement I experience when I find some. I will try to explain.

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