> Last Gasps of Summer : Hello Autumn!

So it looks like summer is well and truly over. October arrived with northerly winds and Summer 2008 waved goodbye and got on the next plane to Florida. Depressed? At least we had a couple of weeks of sunshine and the insects managed to have a final feed.

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> My First Truly Ancient Tree

I’ve had blogger’s-block. No it’s not some nasty kind of constipation… I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. So, instead of just posting about complete twaddle, I’ve waited. Until now that is. I want to introduce you to my first ancient oak!

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A wild place of our own

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about “wild” places that are important to me. When I say “wild” I don’t mean windswept Scottish islands, or even snow topped Welsh mountains, I’m talking local. Places I go when I need to clear my head, special places that are important just to me. Never has the importance of a “wild” place hit home so hard as when I came across a tree this week. On it was a simple wooden plaque.

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