The “Royal” Remedy Oak : Just an Ordinary Tree?

A couple of times recently I’ve driven over to Woodlands, a small hamlet between Wimborne and Cranborne, to survey the intriguingly named Remedy Oak for the Ancient Tree Hunt. I must admit it’s very easy to miss, blink and you’ve driven past, but get out of your car and walk around it and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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A Walk Around My Patch

I thought it was about time Urban Extension went “Interactive”. What the hell does that mean? I hear you cry. Well it means that I’ve been playing around with Google Maps (adding walks and photographs) and I’m about to unleash it on you. Sitting comfortably? I will explain…

Roe Deer

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Fancy a walk?

I’d love to say I’m good at watching wildlife. The trouble is I’m not. It takes me at least four disappointing outings before I catch even my first glimpse of a new mammal or bird.

With that in mind, I wondered whether you’d like to come with me? Obviously you can’t actually come, (cos it was on Sunday!) but you might enjoy the “virtual” exercise.

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