A one-eyed monster? #WGW365

No not really, it’s just a fox. I first noticed only one of its eyes was lighting up in the infra-red light of my trail camera about a month ago. I hadn’t noticed it before, and will need to look at video from last summer to see if it was happening then. It could have been blind in this eye since birth (it was one of two cubs from last year), or could have a disease or suffered some kind of trauma. Whatever happened it luckily looks healthy, strong and is obviously finding plenty to eat (including the left overs under the birdfeeder!). I’ll keep a close eye on him and he’s going on my Wild Garden Wildlife 365 Challenge list!

The Reality of Winter

I’m not going to try and soften this story up and make it pretty, it’s the flip side to life in an urban garden. It’s not pretty, it’s painful to watch and it’s not fair but it is real and I think it’s worth talking about.

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