Open Day Success… and no rain!

When I woke up on Saturday morning, the morning of the Open Day, the sun was shining – but not for long. Soon the rain was pouring down and the wind was blowing like there was no tomorrow. “Better dig out my waterproofs” I thought

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The Sopranos & Long Eareds of Ashley Wood

It sounds like we have a gangster mob living in Ashley Wood and looking at this little chap below he does have some mobster similarities – or is it just me that thinks that? (big nose, swept back hair (OK, ears), staring eyes). At the end of October Steve Davis at Dorset Wildlife Trust invited me along to look for Mafioso… sorry bats.

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> Successful Night Event with Bats, Moths & Mice at Corfe Mullen Meadow Reserve

The guys at Dorset Wildlife Trust, Steve Davis and Amanda Cooke, are running two more events for Nature Watch Corfe Mullen this weekend. The first was tonight. The aim? To hear bats, to set some humane small mammal traps (to be opened tomorrow morning) and set up the moth trap. So where did this little chap come from? Read on…

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> Walk for Wildlife : Ahhh Sisters!

Today I received a photo from Steve at Dorset Wildlife Trust showing me, my sister Chris (on the right) and Jack the dog after we had received our medals (ceramic don’t you know!) after the Walk for Wildlife. Before you say anything, yes that’s me trying to hide under my hat with the ears that stick out at 90 degrees and a dopey grin. How come I look absolutely worm out and Chris looks like she could go and walk it again? Next time I’m going to make her walk the 13.2 mile route instead of the 4 miler!! Baah Humbug!!! Happy Birthday Sis…