Meet the wild neighbours…

They aren’t rare or unusual but sometimes your “neighbours” are the backbone of your wildlife garden.

I might despair at the squirrels for stealing all the bird seed from the feeders and trying to steal eggs from nests, but in the depths of winter five minutes watching one methodically searching for buried nuts in the lawn helps to lift a grey day.

grey squirrel 04-01-2013 14-52-09

That goes for Robbie as well who visits our windowsill about four times a day, no… not the Take That heartthrob with the tattoos (I think he’d find it hard to balance on our windowsill), this one has very skinny legs, black eyes and a red breast. The only thing they do have in common is a very cheeky personality!

robbie robin 04-01-2013 14-54-52

Two more for my #WGW365 Challenge list!


From a Handful of Coal Tits to Thousands of Jackdaws

I didn’t start the day with the intention of seeing any wildlife but it just kind of happened. One of those lucky days I guess when the wildlife appears and puts on a show right in front of you.

A massive flock of jackdaws Continue reading

Robin White-Breast

This is just a quickie before I go to bed. There’s been a lot of publicity in the papers about a white breasted robin in Dorset. However, I have my own white-breasted robin!

The film clip above was taken by my CCTV camera very early in the morning (while the camera was still in infra-red black and white mode), hence the white-breast. He looks like he’s having a lovely bath and I love the way the water ripples in the light!