Fancy a walk?

I’d love to say I’m good at watching wildlife. The trouble is I’m not. It takes me at least four disappointing outings before I catch even my first glimpse of a new mammal or bird.

With that in mind, I wondered whether you’d like to come with me? Obviously you can’t actually come, (cos it was on Sunday!) but you might enjoy the “virtual” exercise.

Towards Kimmeridge Bay from the Ridge Continue reading



I love trees. Don’t know why, always have. There’s just something about their size, presence and history that fascinates me. I especially love “ugly” trees. The real old veterans. Battle torn but beautiful.

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A wild place of our own

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about “wild” places that are important to me. When I say “wild” I don’t mean windswept Scottish islands, or even snow topped Welsh mountains, I’m talking local. Places I go when I need to clear my head, special places that are important just to me. Never has the importance of a “wild” place hit home so hard as when I came across a tree this week. On it was a simple wooden plaque.

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