Gold-crested wren sounds so much better!

I’ve had a very small visitor to the garden today. In fact if my “better ‘arf” hadn’t spotted it picking up feathers under the birdfeeder I wouldn’t have seen it at all.


Goldcrest. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Before anyone says anything… I didn’t take the picture above. If only!

The Goldcrest (once called the Gold-crested Wren in Britain) is one of our smallest birds (along with the Firecrest). At only 8.5-9 cm it is truly weenie.

Today it seemed content to pick away at tiny spiders and insects, while I made a real hash of cleaning my camera lens (don’t ever lick a video camera lens and then try to clean it with your sweatshirt. It’s not a good experience!).

Eventually I managed to see through the spit-fog and the dirty double glazing, and rested the camera on top of my “Complete British Wildlife” bible (very apt) to keep the camera relatively shake-free. Considering I’d taken so long to get to this point I was surprised it was still there but thankfully it was.

Sometimes, and only sometimes, wildlife can be quite accommodating.


11 thoughts on “Gold-crested wren sounds so much better!

  1. What a fab picture – I know, I know, it isn’t yours. I’ve never seen a ‘still’ goldcrest, and yes I agree that gold-crested wren is the best name.

    Unfortunately the video thing isn’t playing ball Jane. Maybe the spit and sweatshirt combo?

  2. Brilliant, I love goldcrests, but keep a look out for firecrests at the moment, they’re moving through now on migration, coastal areas are good, but any suitable habitat will hole them, so worth watching every “crest” closely

  3. Border Reiver. Thanks for the tip about the Firecrests. I don’t think I have ever seen one. We are on the coast so I will keep an eye out. From my bird books description, the main difference seems to be the stripe through the eye and (obviously) the crest. Jane

  4. The Black Rabbit. I’ve only ever seen a couple before. One at the side of a dual carriageway in some brambles – cars racing past. I remember watching it for at least 10 mins… and then running home to tell someone. I will have to look for a nest, I found a robins and blackbirds so far, but no goldcrest. You need your birdcam for when your bluetits have their second brood! Jane

  5. Great video Jane, I was following a Goldcrest last weekend very similar to your vid but I just wasn’t quick enough to get a decent photo, they dont stay still for long, but I will get one this year, thats my aim anyway.

  6. Thanks Mike. It didn’t come out very well online. It’s a shame because I was quite pleased with it. Too much green. Doesn’t come out well online. They are great little birds, I look forward to seeing shots of it on your site (at some point). Jane

  7. Goldcrests are great! The best view of one I had was in the centre of Bristol (the urban ones seem less shy) – it hopped about in a conifer less than a metre away for a minute or so, totally unconcerned. 🙂

  8. David. Thanks for visiting. Funny… I saw one in the middle of Poole on a dual-carriageway flyover. Just sitting in a bush without a care in the world, and certainly not worried about me. I think you are right, the urban ones seem a lot easier to see. Jane

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